My theory on Trend Forecasting:

I am one of the many who believes Bob Dylan is a prophet of our times.  He had a way of seeing what was around him and tuning into the spiritual trends that were surrounding him.  The thoughts he had, poured onto paper and became poetic musical journeys for us all to enjoy.  When you listen to his music, it is as if the sharpness of his voice is a needle that penetrates your body and slowly you become in a Zimmerman trance.  He doesn’t mean to take you where he does, but the spiritual part of Dylan most definitely does.  You can’t help but travel through his lyrics , replacing things with your own characters and places, and ultimately becoming one with his stories.  The amazing thing is that it is all completely spiritual and even for the listener, whether they know it or not.

Trend forecasting is much the same, in that whomever you are drawn to when getting your facts, has a special way of tuning into the world around them.  You trust them and don’t exactly know why.  They didn’t completely study to know what they know.  Yes, many forecasters today have gone to  college and studied hard to get where they are, but they still were born to forecast.  There are many professions where this is true, and the books can only take an individual so far.  Trend forecasting is something that is in a forecasters blood.  They think a certain way, look at their surroundings a certain way and have a curiosity about certain things for some reason.  They are drawn to the magical light that will in turn give you answers to the future.  No, they are not fortune tellers or psychics!  They are passionate and are drawn to things that are a bit out of step with what is around them, but in a trend forecasting sort of way.


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